• Rent the space you need and pack the space full.
  • Use a good quality lock on your unit door.
  • Plan your storage space. Place those items that you may need to access often in the front. Allow for walkways.
  • Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box.
  • Place your storage items on 2x4 boards or on pallets to guard against dampess. Any concrete floor may become cold and damp. Prepare your space by placing a protective cover on the floor under your goods.
  • Use uniform size boxes for easy stacking. Be sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25 lbs. to 30 lbs. It is best not to put too much in each box.
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  • Pictures/mirrors/dishes/glasses should be marked "fragile"
  • Larger appliances and furnture with drawers can be utilized as storage places.
  • Use protective covers for furniture and large appliances such as cardboard or blankets.
  • Use an empty trash can as storage for shovels, hoes, rakes and hoses. Stack extra cans inside one another.
  • Tables having removable legs should be "broken down" to save space.
  • Sofas and love seats can be stored on end to save floor space.
  • Avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.
  • If you stand a mattress on end, "prop" it up, so they stand straight.
  • Caution: do not store anything combustible such as gasoline, solvents, paint, thinner, fertilizer etc.
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